About Me

The goal of my research is to understand how word knowledge is structured in speakers’ minds, and the way this aspect of humans’ capacity for language interacts with other facets of language, society, and cognition.

My main interests center around the mental lexicon:

  • What are the units humans store in their minds?
  • How do we gather and store information about a word’s form, meaning, and use?
  • What is the shape of the structure that ties together all the words we know?
  • How do we exploit this structure to produce and understand words we’ve never heard before?
  • Does this structure have similar properties in all languages and speakers?

You can find a comprehensive overview of my background, scholarship record and teaching in my CV

The Publications and Talks tabs contain the files associated with contributions listed in the CV (not all CV entries have an associated file on this website. If you are interested in concrete outputs of any particular item on the CV which is not on the website, send me an email!)